Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some New Favorite Songs:

Gotta love Owl City!

Also from this album: I especially love The Real World and Dreams Don't Turn to Dust

I'm figuring out how to play this on the piano. It's quite remarkably easy.

This is from Leeland's latest album. It has a different sound from their previous and at first I wasn't completely satisfied, but once I heard this song I was sold. This is by far my favorite of their songs so far.

Also from this album: I really like I Wonder, which is quieter, and Not Afraid Anymore, where they pick up the pace and take on the sound I know them for.

Finally, I have fallen in love with this song by Sidewalk Prophets, and guess what, I'm also learning to play this on piano. Which includes me listening to 3 seconds at a time and carefully writing out the piano part. Yep.