Monday, April 30, 2012

Changing things up a bit, and a wee update (complete with pictures!)

I know, I know... It's been a long time. I hit a bit of a rut and I just didn't know what to blog about. I had plenty of interesting things to say, but I didn't know how to say them, so I didn't. But I'm back now.

I think I'll be more likely to post neat things if I don't feel like I need to write some long, beautiful post.

And so, as of now, you can expect short, concise posts. They will contain neat things I find or learn, maybe something fun I participate in.

I believe the whole reason why I started this blog was for fun, and that's how I intend to keep it. I hope you can bear with me.

Alright, let it begin!

2 weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on a school trip with my best friends from theatre to Ashland, which is about 6 hours from where I live. We got to see 4 plays, attend a workshop, and explore the town. It was an incredible experience!

On the bus...

This mask has music notes on it. Therefore it is amazing.

Pose of the weekend!

love this picture!

The door fell off our bus. That complicated matters.

"I could get used to a view like this... Yep, I'm used to it."

Okay, I won't bore you with any more pictures as they hardly do it justice. I absolutely cannot wait until next year's trip!