Wall Of Quotes

 This is the page on which I will keep an ongoing list of the greatest quotes to tickle my ears. Careful what you say... Yours could be next!

My algebra teacher: "So x goes with x, and y goes with y. It's like segregation. It's probably illegal somehow."

My algebra teacher: "The reason the soda machines aren't on during lunch is because they were worried that the little freshmen would see their lunch money and go 'I want to eat my pop and my soda instead of this nutritious hamburger they make using mad cow.'"

Katey: (when I saw my history teacher after school) "What class does she live in?"

Me: (looking at a cloud in the sky) "It's looks just like a fire-breathing giraffe."

Christie: (talking about beards) "... His afro..."
Me: "Um, honey, it's called a beard."

Me: "I'm allergic to your... negative commentary."

Abby: "If you give me that playlist I'll probably die, because I can die of overexposure to epicness."

Elijah: "I look like a drunken scoundrel!"
Me: (I wasn't really listening before, but now he has my attention) "What did you say!?"

Me: "The moment you stop being a child..."
My cousin: "...You stop being alive!"

My cousin: (Talking about a dream in which she was served a meal, but no matter how many times she removed her retainer, it was still there) "It was like the retainer of infinite regression!"

(The news was on TV one night and my mom was only sort of listening)
The News: "Chevron: We may have more in common than you think."
What my mom heard: "Chevron: We may be more incompetent than you think."
Her reaction: "They're finally admitting it!"

Pastor Jim: “Mustafa.” (Instead of Mufasa, Lion King)

Me: "I love coffee. I just can't stand the way it tastes and smells."

Abigail: "The car for the key!"

Me: "Whenever I want to say a quote, I have to make up my own."

Adam M.: (On the white board he wrote this. We were watching a movie and the boys stood and applauded.) "TVs can not hear you. Nor can they see you."

Elijah: "I love walking across things!"

Lauren: (Adam M. was about to give a speech. He was drinking water and someone said something funny, causing him to spit the water from his mouth.) "Can you say that again so I can get it on camera?"

Kenzi: "During the summer Jordan and I are best friends, but during the school year we hate each other."

Nana: "Okay you guys, the name is: Divine frozen yogurt, and the motto is... divine yogurt dot com."

Papa: "There's not a bad house in the seat."

My mom: "Uh oh! George is remembering that when you have a dog, it doesn't matter
what the weather is like."

Abby: "It's so wow."

Stacy: "It's times like these when I wish I had a butterfly net..."

Charlotte: (Two limos drive out of Country Club) "Lucky Limos, huh?" (first limo drives by.) "You!" (moves fists like a boxer) "What makes you so lucky... limo?" (Second limo drives by. She points finger) "And what about YOU!?"

Katey: (giving a summary of Tangled) "So there's this lady, and she has loooooong hair."

Elijah: "Poodydoo."

Katey: "Remember those kids? You know, the ones with the parents?"

Sophie: (talking to our science teacher) "Mr. Rott, do you wear designer jeans?"
Mr.Rott: "Umm... No?" (thinks about it) "What would you classify as 'designer'?"

Adam: (talking about his speech) "Nobody called me on my fallacies."
Chip: "That's because everyone was asleep!"

Me: (Trying to say Billy Elliot) “Billiot.”

David Courson: (accidentally said Eve instead of Mary) “False doctrine!”

Me: (to Yana in choir) “Whenever I’m forced to sing songs with unsatisfactory lyrics, I just change the words so they’re more enjoyable." (Pause) "Of course, I’m also quite skilled at corrupting the lyrics of perfectly decent songs.”

Me: “Composing and sugar- They go so nicely together!”

Elijah: (indignantly) “I’m a big boy, and I’m growing!”

Nana: “Rolling eels.” (Rolling Hills)

Abby: “Lasagna: An endearing culinary art.” (Back-story not included)

Adam M: “I could get an F and still get an A!”

Adam M: (Just so you know, he said something like this almost daily; eSis is the program the teachers use for grading) “Mrs. Evans! I think something’s wrong with eSis!”
Mrs. Evans: (Irritated) “Why’s that, Adam?”
Adam: “Because I only have a 93%!”