Sunday, October 31, 2010

How To Train Your Composer to Deal With Incomplete Movies

 How to Train Your Dragon.

I know, I know... I haven't even seen the entire movie and I'm already complaining.

No, that's a good thing. (How is complaining a good thing, Audrey?)

I'll tell you. (Bear with me...)

It's good for the film industry. That's because I felt unable to just leave off part way through. And I'll tell you, that normally isn't an issue with me.

Near the beginning I hardly understood what was going on, and I finally began to comprehend it... 10 minutes before I had to leave off.


My mind won't settle down. I must know what happens to our beloved Toothless!

I hope I'll get to resolve it before next week. After all, how am I supposed to sleep?

By the way, Magsarilis, I'll bring a snack so I can finish it after school tomorrow.

Dandy? Dandy.

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