Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One School Day Done, Many Left To Go

Today was my first day of 10th grade. I've got to say, I was actually pretty happy to be back. I love the way our school has A days and B days instead of 7 periods every day. This way we only have 4 classes a day and we get an extra elective class. Also, we have twice as long to do all of our homework.

My schedule is like this.

On A days:

1. Concert Choir
2. Advanced Theater
3. Advanced US History
4. Algebra 2

On B days:

1. Spanish
2. Advanced Chemistry
3. Intro to Business
4. Advanced English

As you may have noticed, all of my core classes are advanced as well as 2 of my electives (theater and choir). What have I gotten myself into!? I think I can handle it though.

I'm so lucky. I got to begin the school year with my 2 favorite classes! I think this year is going to rock.

The only not-so-fun thing about the start to my school year was the bus. You see, last year we had a really great bus driver. Her name was Karen and she was super cool. Our bus was large enough to fit all of us and she modified the route so it wasn't all loopy and we got home sooner. Everyone was happy.

But not this year.

This year we have a new bus driver and let me tell you. This guy is a stickler. He got upset at us because last year my bus stop was on one corner, but this year apparently it's across the street at the other corner. We were all waiting where we had last year and the guy totally stopped at the other corner and then chewed us out for standing at the wrong corner! And the bus we have this year is smaller too. On the way home most of us were 3 to a seat. And did I mention it was unreasonably hot out? I know, you who live south of here will probably laugh at me (Jamie...) but it was a shocking 90 degrees at least! And we were all squashed together on a too small bus with an irate bus driver!

I certainly hope they do something about our bus. If not, one of my neighbors says there's another bus that passes our neighborhood and is (hopefully) less crowded.

In choir this morning we played with overtones (post on those coming). Overtones are basically notes that you hear but aren't really there. I'll explain it better in another post. The concert choir is a large group. I've always been in smaller, treble choirs. I've never really sung songs with tenor, baritone, etc. parts. My director originally had a list of 75 students in this particular choir, but now there are 101 of us. To be honest, it's sort of intimidating. I'm not so much of a large group person. And I'm one of only 5 sophomores. But I think I'll get used to it and I'll really enjoy it. Actually I already do enjoy it.

In theater class we got going by playing improv games such as "Freeze Tag" and "Add and Subtract". In these games, you have a few people acting out an unscripted scene (that's why they're called improv games- we improvise) and people in the audience can call "Freeze" and go up and change the scene. I think these games are a lot of fun.

I am fortunate to have a very laid back math teacher. Her thing is that if it helps us learn and it doesn't distract the other students, then it's okay for us to do.

And tomorrow I get to have another sort of first day with the other half of my classes.

I'm excited to see what God has in store for me this year!


  1. So excited for you! Glad we get to share your adventure. But mainly I'm just overjoyed to see the Lord's faithfulness to you year after year in high school. Oh, how He loves us...

  2. Wow, I love your schedule and am envious of the 'advanced theater' class. :P

    90 degrees?? Hahahaha.... ;)

    So glad you're doing good and I'm looking forward to your future music post! :)

    ~Jamie Joyce


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