Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crochet Giveaway!

I didn't forget, I promise!

Manic Mother

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In celebration of reaching 100 posts, I am hosting a crochet giveaway!

Okay, I honestly have no idea how to organize this, so bear with me. I suppose I should show you all what my items are (If you win the item you may choose what color(s) you'd like):

Set of hairbands, 2 flowers and 2 hearts

Set of 4 scrunchies

Camera Wrist strap

Water bottle cover, bottle included

Custom Bible cover (No picture, sorry. I'll try to get one...)

So how do you enter?

I suppose I could accept entries for each of the following:

  • Follow my blog (or if you already do that counts too)
  • Follow a follower! (Ones that you don't already follow. I'll count up to 5.)
  • Blog about this giveaway!!!
  • Put my ultra awesome, cool giveaway button in your sidebar!
So just leave a comment. Or comments. I really don't care.

    This giveaway will end on May 21st and results should be posted first thing in the morning if all goes well.


    1. I LOVE that flower on the hairband! That is CUU-UTE! :)

      What does 'follow me' mean? I follow you, but not with Google account because I don't have one. :)

      I'll be taking your button and I'll mention it in my next post! :)

      ~Jamie Joyce

    2. Oh, I forgot, I've been following Amaranthine for the past couple weeks, too! :D

      ~Jamie Joyce

    3. Hey, this is awesome girl! :)

      I follow you!!!!

      And yer button be in me sidebar ;)

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    5. Hey! I'll post about it and put it in my sidebar. (And I already follow you!)

    6. Blogged it girlfriend! :)

    7. I followed

    8. I am a follower.

      {i love you blog!}

    9. I put your giveaway button on my sidebar.


    10. I follow a follower:


    11. I posted about it here:


    12. I follow you now!

      katietamblingson at yahoo dot com

    13. I follow emily from giveaways for girls!

      katietamblingson at yahoo dot com

    14. Ooh, cool!!!! :)

      I follow you. Now. XD

      I just followed Elisa at :)

      I'll put the button on my sidebar!!!! I'll try and remember to blog about it too. ;) LOL!

      Great Blog BTW! :D

    15. I follow Lady M. at

    16. Heey! I'm following you blod
      I displayed BOTH your buttons
      The results are announced on my b-day!
      The follower thing isn't showing up on my computer but I WILL follow God's Daughter when it gets back on.
      My blodg is I'm about to go post about it!
      I want to win the bible cover or hair band :p

    17. I have been following Aramathine for a while :p


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