Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soundtrack Saturday

My selection for this week is the main theme from Jurassic Park, by John Williams.

This is a great example of passing the melody from instrument to instrument.

Also, it's just a little bit awesome.

I love listening to this in the car when we go on trips.


  1. That's such a pretty theme. It has me puzzled too, because I think the movie is on the scarier side!

    ~Jamie Joyce

  2. Just a little bit awesome? XD XD :P

    @Jamie Joyce
    All the pretty parts are during scenes like where they first land on the island and the people see the dinosaurs for the first time and it's totally beautiful and amazing. (Wait... have you seen this movie? If you have, then I don't need to say anything...) The scary parts have music to fit it, though :P


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