Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Suggestions Anyone?

Hey there!

I need your help. On Sunday, The Director helped me come up with a great idea for a story, but I can't think of a good title to save my life! That's where you lovely people come in.

Basically, it's a mystery that takes place in an unknown year sometime in the future. Gravity isn't a natural force. It was discovered that it could be created by four brothers from Ancient Egypt. Together they left their village and built a high-tech facility on an island off the coast of Greenland.

There are four men who guard the button that turns gravity on and off. They each work in shifts of 6 hours. But one night the one on duty goes unconscious and gravity is turned off. The workers must figure out who did it, why they did it, and how they did it before the world is thrown into irreversible chaos.

If you have any ideas for a catchy title, please, oh please leave a comment.

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