Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Soundtrack Review: TRON: Legacy

My new favorite soundtrack is officially TRON: Legacy, composed by Daft Punk. 

It's surprisingly awesome! I honestly wasn't sure if I'd like this soundtrack due to all the use of synthetic instruments. But the movie does take place inside a video game. Now I think that if they didn't use synthetic instruments it wouldn't have fit the movie at all. It actually added a bunch of mood to the songs.

It took me too long to do a single review for each song, and seeing as it's Finals week at school, I'm going to do this review the same way I did Treasure Planet. Deal with it. Except I also included my favorite songs and a short bit stating why I love them.

All I really have to say is Wow. Incredible. I absolutely adore this soundtrack and it has inspired me perhaps more than any other soundtrack I've ever heard.

What I found really cool was the way Daft Punk used low strings to create rhythm where timpani wouldn't have worked. By doing that, they were able to create a more "virtual" sound that would have been difficult to get by using drums.

Daft Punk also used a lot of horns, and used them very well. If you know me, then you know how I go crazy over horns. I enjoyed that quite a bit, but sometimes it felt like they were using too many horns all at once. But I'm pretty sure it fit the movie.

The only thing I found disappointing about the score was that their choice of chords was very basic and predictable. When I was listening to it for the first time (ask The Director) I could be heard saying things like, "And now it'll go to a G chord... yep. Now it's going to go major." Or better yet, "Argh! Why didn't they take that opportunity to switch things up? Why on earth did they choose the basic A minor chord when they could have used a D major chord?"

But I've got to say, they still did a really nice job. It sounds awesome and it sounds professional.

And now for your musical enjoyment:

NOTE: I know it probably doesn't affect you in any way, but I just thought I should warn you that for some reason, the videos are all exactly half a step higher than the original score. This makes me very unhappy. But it shouldn't bother you. Just saying.

This is Overture. It introduces one of the main themes. I love the brilliant mixing of real and synthetic instruments and the fact that Daft punk used all the right chords on this one.

This is Outlands. This one is a great example of those rhythmic strings I mentioned earlier. I also loved the way it builds and transforms over the course of 2 and a half minutes.

So there you go. TRON: Legacy was definitely way beyond my expectations and I absolutely adore it. Thanks for reading!

And I'm sure I don't need to mention it, but please leave feedback! Most appreciated, it is!


  1. Argh, I've become you! I clicked on the Outlands video and growled and said, "It IS a half step higher!" And synced up my iTunes track and the video to check the difference.... haha, would've fried your head, for sure! :P

    Good review ;)

  2. Hi, just found your blog and decided to take your advice by leaving a comment. I love soundtracks; haven't heard this one though! Love the Outland's track! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Jamie Joyce


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