Saturday, August 6, 2011

Letter Tag

To participate in this tag, one must simply leave a comment asking for a letter of the alphabet. I shall then assign each commenter a letter. After receiving their letter, they shall list ten things that they love beginning with their letter and post it on their blog.

My letter, given to me by the fantastic Director, is J. My list is as follows.

  • Judges- my favorite book in the Bible. Not sure why. It's sort of gruesome.
  • Jumping on trampolines- Except they have to be clean and they must have a net.

  • Joan Aiken books- simply charming, in a strange sort of way

  •  Jokes- but not the groaners like my dad tells. I mean actual funny ones.
  • Jam- homemade raspberry jam. Not blueberry.
  • Jeremy Camp- great music, people!
  • Jolly Joe's- the song from Veggie Tales. You know, this one:

(Umm... Happy Soundtrack Saturday, people! I didn't forget... really...)

As I was saying...

  • James Newton Howard- need I say any more?
  • Jello popsicles- they're soft and they don't drip! What more could you want?
  • Jugglers- they're fun to watch. Especially the crazy ones who can do like 40 at a time.


  1. Ah, Joan Aiken! :D

    You're so funny. Good list XD

  2. I wanna letter! I wanna letter! *jumps up and down while squealing* :P

    ~Jamie Joyce


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