Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You Know You're a Composer When...

  • You have had to ask a family member to kindly stop whistling so you can compose
  • The first thing you ask when someone mentions a new movie is “Who wrote the score?”
  • You have more than one keyboard in the house
  • You collect exotic instruments
  • You can play many instruments just a bit
  • Your iPod is filled with soundtracks
  • You can watch a movie you don’t know anything about and correctly name the composer just by listening to it
  • You save every scrap of paper in case it has music ideas written on it
  • You write music ideas on library receipts and gum wrappers
  • There is staff paper in your schoolbag
  • You have created a brilliant song only to discover that it sounds a lot like something John Williams would compose
  • You ask your choir director which instruments sound the best with piano, violin, tin whistle and marimba (in which case the answer is- nothing really)
  • You have a song stuck in your head but you don’t know if it already exists or if you composed it subconsciously
  • You talk your friends into playing your songs
  • You want an orchestra for your birthday

And this is where I challenge you, my lovely followers, to to create your own list. What's your thing? Please share! And if you do, why don't you link back to this post?


  1. LOL, good list! I did something similar called 'you Know you're a writer', but I think I could elaborate on it again! Good idea!

    ~Jamie Joyce

  2. Oh my gosh this is great I'm so doing it! :D Loved the list, especially the third to last one XD

  3. YES!!!
    Awesome list. And they all apply to me. (My favorite is the third to last one... so funny! Happens to me all the time...)
    I might post something like this on my blog (linking back, of course).
    Thanks for posting!

  4. An orchestra for your birthday?......hm.....guess I'd better return the socks........


  5. the london philharmonic orchestra is going to be playing the Imperial March for my college graduation. and John Williams will be conducting. and i will show everyone my lightsaber. i am such a nerd, but everything you said here: HOLY. CHEESE. WE. ARE. SOUL SISTERS. the one about writing a song that sounds just like something john williams did: yuh-huh. saving private ryan's hymn to the fallen, the hook soundtrack, empire of the sun's cadillac of the skies. yeah. i'm a terrible person. :))
    -jocee <3


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