Monday, August 15, 2011

Sometimes I Wish I Lived On a Private Island...

It's been an interesting day. I felt like composing something, but the world seemed to feel otherwise. First of all, my neighbor was blasting music from his open window (again), my dad wanted to play his guitar, and my headphones wouldn't drown out the noise. So I rode my bike down to the park and it was so peaceful and quiet that I was (finally) able to compose. So I jotted it down in my notebook and rode home.

And then I had to actually get it off the page. The second I sat down at my keyboard the man who lives across the street turned on his leaf blower. It was an E flat. My song was in D. Not a good combination.

Then my dad's phone rang.


But I finally got it into Garage Band! I recorded it once, then saved it multiple times. For one, I kept all the instruments as piano, for another I changed some of them to strings and such, and the last one I made techno. I shoved them all together. Enjoy, and please, please, please tell me what you think of it. I am anxious to hear read your thoughts.  After all- I can't get better unless I know what I need to improve on. And for the record, you guys have been really, really quiet. When I posted my last composition, I only got like 3 comments. That was super discouraging. Just saying.

Come on!!! I shouldn't have to beg for comments!

Anyway, here it is...
Adventure/Western- Orchestra, Piano, and Techno by composer4christ


  1. So, when I first read the title, I was like WHAT??? But then I listened to the song... and I really liked it! Like, I didn't know what to expect after reading the title, but then after listening to it, I realized that 1. the title makes sense and 2. the music works! I really like it.
    I just did a Western, so it's cool to see a different "take" on things.
    Thanks for posting! Can't wait to hear more!
    (And you're not the only one who wished you lived on a private island. Sometimes I just can't get peace and quiet to concentrate. It must be a composer thing...)

  2. You were just goofing around weren't you?
    Techno part cracked me up, but the orchestral part was great and the piano transition wasn't bad :P Sounds pretty good, EFC! :D

  3. Superman...riding a horse... then going dancing. (O.O)

    Fun... when I read that you had a new song I thought it was going to be a recording of the beautiful piece I heard you playing at my house tonight. What was that? It was lovely....

    Oh and your rehearsal sounded awesome, too!


  4. I really liked the theme! I think what could make the piece deeper is giving the bass a twist. Instead of the continuing of the same note (or was it two notes) it could have it's own little diddle. I think that could really compliment the piece. Just a suggestion.

    I know what you mean about an island--only for my writing! When I kept my laptop in my room, I could write for hours really easily. Then, when Mom had me move downstairs, it was almost as though my I couldn't write anymore; there was just too much noise and motion downstairs and I couldn't concentrate. So, I can completely relate. :P Hope you get more peace and quiet! {HUGS}

    ~Jamie Joyce

  5. Mom says in her best Prairie Home Companion Mother Voice: "Oh, honey, it's wonderful, but then everything you do is wonderful. I'm so proud of you, honey!"

    No, really, you already know that I do like it. I'm impressed you can play all of that on the keyboard. Can't wait to hear your next one,(and I promise I won't interrupt when you are recording next time. Sorry about that!)

    Love, Mom

  6. I've also awarded you the "Friend" award at my blog! Come by to pick up when you've got some extra time. :D

    ~Jamie Joyce


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