Thursday, November 11, 2010

Does Your Emergen-C Ever Look Like This?

Don't worry, I won't always tell you guys about my day. Only when it's really worth telling.

Like today. Veterans Day.

Did you know that at this exact moment in time we are shrouded in mystical mist?

Yeah. Me neither.

But anyway...

The actual day part of my day wasn't all that interesting. That's why my dad had the brilliant idea to go walk around at Bridgeport Village. While we were walking around, there were people setting up a Christmas tree and other Christmas-y things. At least there wasn't Christmas music playing...

And that was my venture out of the house today. It was cold enough for me.

I was ready to sleep by 9:00 so I went to put on my kitty pjs, brush my hair and teeth, all that good stuff.

That's when I discovered the dreadful knot in my hair. I'm sure it wasn't really that awful, it's just that I don't normally get knots like this. It was a small tight one.

So I got that taken care of and started experimenting with hairdos. Observe:

I know you know I'm crazy, but still I can't believe I'm willingly sharing these photos with y'all.

And now I present to you...

Hairdos I actually see at school:

 Yes, I know girls who do braid their hair like this. What is wrong with it?
1. One side contains more hair than the other.
2. The thin side has been started waaaay too high.
3. It doesn't look too attractive in general.

Ahh, the single braid. I don't see how someone can manage to put all of their hair on one side of their head. Maybe it works better on thinner hair.

And this? Let's just say it was rather painful.

And our finale for Hairdos I See At School:

Is it just me, or does this remind you of Mulan?

And girls actually wear their hair (I didn't mean for that all to rhyme) like that! Not kidding!

Of course, maybe it works better on shorter hair.

So anyway, I was going to brush my teeth but realized that I was hungry. I went downstairs and opened the new container of hummus. I ate it with crackers.

I found that I was thirsty as well so I went to get myself some Emergen-C.

It wouldn't open the conventional way, so I used scissors. When I finally got it opened I found that it looked a little something like this. Thus the title of this post.

It makes me wonder how water managed to get in there.

And I continued to wonder, what does a clump of that taste like alone?

And so I found the answer to that question: Very, very tart. Very nice.

And then I lost the game.

I put away the crackers and hummus and went upstairs. I was going to brush my teeth when I heard an odd sound. It didn't quite sound like our refrigerator, and it wasn't a catfight.

Then I heard the unmistakable "pffffffffffhhhhhhh..."

Kitty snore. I shot a hairband at him to make him stop.

Then I began writing this post and listening to music. I heard that drum that had been bugging me because I love it and didn't know what it was called. It's a bass drum.

Then a cat entered the room and I didn't try to stop him.

He accompanied me into the bathroom where I finally brushed my teeth.

I wish I could get a picture of the two of us. He's settled down in front of the computer with me. His ear is bloody. His other one, not the one with the chunk already missing. I know he's settled because he's already given himself the whole cleaning.

I hope Tiger doesn't mind...

I actually got a picture of us. I'll load it later. But for now...

All comments are tangle free!

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  1. That is the funniest picture and you look just like Mulan!

    Actually, I liked all your "hair-dos" and thought you looked quite lovely.

    Sorry we missed out on the birthday happenings. I heard you weren't feeling well either :( I hope we didn't get you sick.

    I'm glad we get a second chance since it's not actually your birthday yet! Yea for us :)

    Feel better... Mother Mags


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