Monday, November 15, 2010

Speech Debate Tournament Part 1

Just had to tell you, even though this is waaaaay off topic... My mom is downstairs and I heard her say "Oh hi, Tiger. I thought you were in Audrey's room."


"Oh, that's right. We saw your picture on her computer."

So anyway... On Saturday I attended the speech and debate tournament that was held at Tualatin High. It was dreadfully confusing. When I got there I didn't know where to sign in. I wandered around aimlessly until I met up with my debate partner and a couple of friends. We eventually learned that it was in the library and got that taken care of and were given our event id. Then we waited for our event lists to be posted. The lists told us where to go for our event. However, we were supposed to do our event at 9:00 and the lists weren't even posted until 9:15! The audacity! So I went to my assigned room. It was a custodial closet. Then we all waited for our judge to arrive. The door was locked and she didn't have a key. So she went to get a key, which ended up not working anyway (since it was a custodial closet) so we went into the hall. By now we're running very late. So we do our poetry reading, which I forgot to mention was my individual event. This one guy did poems on Beethoven. He wrote a few of his own and used one that Beethoven had written. He used a ton of emotion and used rhythm and dynamics incredibly. Then there was the girl with the same theme as me and 2 of the same poems. Later she told me that she'd almost changed her one poem that was different from mine to the one I had. We're so very glad that she didn't! Then I had to run off to debate. However, I didn't know where to go and it had already started since we were so late. I checked the list and there were 3 Tualatins listed and I didn't know which one was mine, so I went to ask Mr. Fisher who runs the program at our school. He told me to look for my id and walked off. But I didn't know that there was a different id assigned to debate teams. After I learned that I knew that I needed to go to room 47, but I didn't even know where that was. I went to the table my friends and I had claimed to get my stuff and ask my friend sitting there if he knew where the room was. He had rested his arm on a folded piece of paper that I would later learn told me where to go and when. So much for that. I found the room and debated. Then I ate lunch. Quickly because I had to go to my next event but fortunately they were very late posting the lists. The rest of the day went rather well actually. I left early because there was no point in staying longer.

I'm sorry if this is overwhelming. Just be glad I'm telling all of this in 2 parts (or more).

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