Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Esca Fan Club: An Interview With Esca

(I've color-coded the dialogue. This color is me, This is Esca, and This is the audience.)

"Where is he? Has anyone seen Esca?"
"Here I am. Sorry I'm late. I had to help Marcus down those stairs. His injured leg is acting up again, you see."

"Welcome, Esca. Please take a seat. Our audience has a few questions for you."

"Esca, how long have you been a slave?"

"It has been two years since my village was overtaken by Roman soldiers. I was one of the few survivors."

"I'm so sorry, Esca. That must be a painful memory."

"Who were you before you were captured?"

"I was the son of Cunoval, of the tribe of Brigantes. I was the bearer of the blue war-shield."

"I have a question for you as well. Why did you spare the wolf cub during the hunt?"

"I spared him because in my tribe, wolves were taken as cubs and brought up with the rest of our dogs. They are very useful. Also, I realized that the wolf and I have similar stories; we both lost our parents and our futures looked bleak until we were rescued."

"It looks like we have time for just one more question, folks."

(Mysterious guest walks hobbles in and plants himself in front of Esca. he clears his throat and asks a question. Esca stares down at the little green man umm, thing.)

"Judge me by my size, do you?"

"Uhh... Well I... Umm..."

"Strong he is. Good Jedi would he make."

"Well, you see... I, umm..."

"Okay... Well, we're out of time. Thank you for your questions. Please feel free to join us next time"  

If you could ask Esca anything, what would it be? Comment and I'll use them next time. Silly ones are always appreciated:)

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  1. Bqahahahahahah!!!!!! That was waaaay too funny.... :P

    What made you bring Yoda in?? *giggles uncontrollably*

    Questions for Esca:

    Favorite flavor of ice cream.

    How do you feel the relationship between you and Marcus is? Are you his slave or his friend?

    How has Cub brought you two closer?

    Do you like Uncle Aquila or is he annoying to you?

    What about the cook?

    Will I get an email soon....??


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