Saturday, December 25, 2010

Under the Tree This Year

Here are a few of the wonderful objects I received for Christmas this year:

This here is a picture key-chain. My mom found it and it stores up to 60 photos.

I finally got a hard drive so i don't have to worry about losing all of my photos again like I did two summers ago. I've been worried about that since.

Ooh! Shiny!

From The Director's grandparents I got this:

But what is it, EFC?

I'll show you.

It's a hairbrush! (Because, you know, I can never have too many, especially when they turn out like this...)

Finally, The Director's sweet sister gave me this:

It's a notepad! Isn't that cute?

Oh, and I just have to show you all what I got for The Director's family...


Any guesses?

Yes, folks. Star Wars cookie cutters. Needless to say, they are quite excited to make cookies.

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