Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

 Not the best picture, but here's our Christmas tree.

 This is an aerial view of our nativity set.

 Yes, this is a goldfish ornament, and yes, it is on our tree.

Why? Just cause we can!

 This bird nest sits on one of the sturdier, wider branches.

 This? Well to be honest, I don't actually know what to call it, but it looks neat...
 This here is a cluster of grapes. No way!

 In case you can't tell, this is a reindeer wind chime ornament, only there isn't any wind to blow it.

 Neat idea though.

 This is an ornament from my preschool.

 (excuse the arm in the photo- I haven't gotten around to editing these) When I pulled this fishing frog out of the box, I noticed that this fish ornament just happened to be attached to the end of the frog's pole. I kept it that way, just for kicks.

 This is an egg house. Kind of odd, but whatever!

The long one here is what we call the "Dr. Seuss ornament" and you see, we always put the same ornament right by it.

 It's Cindy Lou Who (Who was no more than two)!

 I found this kitty ornament our first Christmas with Tiger.

 This star is hung at teh top of the tree, right below the angel.

 We have a few of these Night before Christmas ornaments in different colors.
 I like this one because it's musical!

 Yep. A tomato.

 This is a mystery. I think it's a cucumber, but my mom says it is most definitely a pickle.

 Another music related one...

 This is a peacock that clips onto the branch.

 I like this one because there's a cat.

 This is our angel. Like the shadow on the wall?

 Close-up of the nativity set.

 The colored lights go in the family room.

 I figured out that if my camera is on the nighttime scene setting and I move it around, this is the end result.

 Neat, isn't it?

( I crack myself up!)

And last (but most certainly not least) this is the start of our light-up town. When finished, it will have puffy snow, glittery snow, and people.

What does your Christmas set-up look like?


  1. by the way, if the formatting or something looks funky, that's because things were acting up on me and this is the best I could get out of it. Thanks for understanding.

  2. Whoa, I absolutely adore your ornaments. ^.^ The goldfish is just way too awesome... I now want a goldfish ornament of my own. :P

  3. I'm glad you like the goldfish! It's an Old Town Christmas one, I believe.

  4. You want to know about my Christmas set-up. What Christmas set-up??

    *makes goofy face*

    EFC. Your profile pic is... amusing *hides laugh and big smile*

    Liked the pics, girlie :)


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