Friday, March 25, 2011

I got a new new computer!!!

I know, I know, I was excited about a new computer just a few days ago. Well, that computer is history!

That's right...



And now I have a new new one. I've never had a new new computer. They've always been old hand-me-downs from my dad and such.

But not this time, folks!

Just a couple of hours ago we went to the Apple store and I got my very own, super cool, (super expensive) MacBook Pro. And it's all mine!

Now I just need a spiffy name for it.

I'll post pictures at some point, you know, when we get it all up and running.

But for now, I am one happy camper composer!

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  1. And I am happy with you!!! You'll have to pick out the fabric for your cover!


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