Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm Breaking My Own Rule

But I have a legitimate excuse, really! Basically, we tried and tried to reload Sibelius and my computer couldn't read the disk. Apparently it forgot it has a disk drive! On top of that, it's just been really, really slow lately and it's clear that there's no hope of it recovering, so I'm getting a new computer. For the past couple of days we've been busy saving as much from this computer as we possibly can and erasing it from the computer after moving the files, and seeing as my pictures and such are rapidly migrating, it means that for a while my posts will probably be relatively void of pictures.

It figures... I was so very uninspired to write up anything on Sibelius when I had the chance, and now that I have no access to it I compose brilliant works of art! The audacity!

But not all is lost. With my computer being all finicky, I've had nothing to do but tidy up and organize. Just tonight I must have cleared out half of my bedroom! I've also been sorting through my bookshelf in order to make room for everything. My bookshelf, you see, is was rather cramped.

But while sorting through my books I was reminded of how much I loved certain ones and of the fact that I hadn't actually read some of them, and suddenly I wanted to read or reread about half of my shelf.

So I began making piles. I now have one pile for library books, one for to-read, and one for to-reread. Not only that, but I have also put them in the order in which I wish to read them. I ordered them so that my shorter books are positioned right after my longer books, and my fantasies all have either nonfiction or realistic/historical fiction between them, because I can't take too much fantasy at one time.

But I couldn't help noticing the sorry condition of a few of my books and I thought how nice it would be to buy fresh copies, so I made a list of which ones to replace.

And while I was list-making, I made a list of books I want to buy, and another of books I wish to check out from the library.

But then another thought struck me: Where am I going to store all of these books (since they clearly won't all fit on my shelf)? I came to the conclusion that I'll keep my organized stacks, with a couple changes, and I'll get some sort of storage unit that will fit beside my bed. I'll have one for my "currently reading" (library books included), one for "to read", and one for library books to be returned that will probably fit nicely by my door.

I'm pretty satisfied with my plan of action. Let's see if I actually follow through or not.

I'm thinking I had better get organized in case I happen to win anything from this:

Castles, Quills, and Cameras

Seriously, The Director is giving away some great stuff (I've seen it with my own eyes). I want those pens! I'm in love with pens! Did you know that I walk around school with only one pencil and one highlighter but 12 pens?

Oh my. I digress...

So while we're on the topic of giveaways...

I've been thinking of hosting one myself. Now I can't promise anything, but I hope to have a crochet giveaway, and if that is to happen, then I must set to work!

Of course... I'm not sure if it would be worth it since as far as I know, only 14 people would actually enter. So if you read this post and would participate in this event, please kindly leave a comment. You don't even have to say anything, I just want a head count. Thanks!

P.S. I apologize for any typos you might find. I didn't proofread this post. I was too lazy. I don't normally write and publish posts this late at night.

Now, to find some yarn and a hook...


  1. Another great movie soundtrack- The Last Samurai. Just watched it, thought of you. ;)

  2. I hope you get everything saved from your computer! Our family has computer problems occasionally, and it's annoying to say the least! Lol.

    I've never participated in a giveaway before...I'm not even quite sure how it works either...if you want to enlighten me. :D

    Thanks for taking my button, too! It made my day!

    ~Jamie Joyce

  3. I'm not quite sure how they work either. The Director is going to help me with that.

    Glad I could make your day! Your button was too awesome not to take! One of these days I'm going to get a button.

  4. Lol, okay! We'll learn together, then! :D

    Thank you! Once you make one, I'll take it! :D

    ~Jamie Joyce


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