Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The school play Zap had its first performance today! I think we did a great job and got many laughs. I found it interesting that the audience laughed at the times when I was least expecting it. Suddenly, things that had never before been funny to me before were all because the audience thought it was. I was rather surprised.

Here I am in full makeup. My character is Mrs. Hardwicke, an older English woman.

Don't. Laugh.

Beautiful, aren't I? This year's wrinkles are a huge improvement from last year's.

It's interesting though... My role in this play is almost identical to the one I had last year.

In both plays I was the only character with Mrs. in my name.
In both plays I had to wear wrinkles.
In both plays one of the lines is "Dead? Is this some sort of joke?"
In both plays there is concern over a bridge being washed out.
In both plays it is stormy.
And finally, in both plays I am strangled to death. Except I wasn't really killed last year.

I guess I'm just really good at this sort of role.

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  1. Too funny.

    I'm so sorry- I forgot to ask about it when I saw you... I forgot it was today :P

    Anyway, thanks for the post :)


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