Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soundtrack Saturday

My selection for this week is the Main Title from the movie Flyboys by Trevor Rabin (Review coming on this).

This score is very heroic sounding. I absolutely adore the use of a high wind instrument (I don't know what it is) along with a horn. And the drum? Don't get me started!

Then the strings come in to tie it all together.

This track especially is so uplifting and hopeful that it's difficult not to absolutely love it.


  1. Good pick with Flyboys! Beautiful music! I just watched Run, Lola, Run in Clark's media arts class- you should check that out. Its a crazy interesting score.
    Keep up the amazingness. You are one in a million, Audrey! :)
    Miss Gorman

  2. is awesome.... the sun doesn't care.... never mind.... great post girlie :D


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