Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soundtrack Review: Flyboys

I'm not quite sure how I happened upon this soundtrack, but I'm very glad I did. Full of heroic fanfare and hopeful melodies, the soundtrack for Flyboys by Trevor Rabin is well worth listening to.

The score is quite different from his other works which include Batman, Armageddon, and National Treasure, which are noticeably heavier. Flyboys, on the other hand, is beautifully light.

What really caught my attention was the way Rabin presented the main theme differently. Almost every time it was used, it was played by a different combination of instruments. As you probably know, I dislike the overuse of themes and by using such a combination of sounds, Rabin was able to hold my interest throughout the entire soundtrack, not just the first few tracks.

I also noticed his sparse use of drums. When he did use drums, and he usually used snare, it was only when it was extremely necessary. He made me want to listen harder so that I wouldn't miss them.

I already shared the Main Title to you, so here are some of my other favorites. Listen closely for the different ways he presents the theme.

The first time I listened to this one, I didn't think I'd like it when it got all "battle-y" but it resolved and became one of my favorites. Really, it's hard not to like it because it's so exciting. But don't just pay attention to that! listen to all the different ways the theme is used! It's used in major, in minor, with low horn, with high strings, you name it! That's what makes this an especially noteworthy piece.

This is an ineresting one. Having not seen the movie, I can only imagine what's going on. The way the music swelled or dropped, went major or minor, helped me picture what could be happening. Again, but I didn't need to mention it, the theme creeps in there.

I'll admit, the first time I listened to the whole soundtrack, i thought the theme was used way too much. But over time, I've come to appreciate the different ways it was played. It has taught me so many useful things that I can apply to my own compositions. Flyboys is a brilliant soundtrack, and I hope you'll check it out.


  1. Sorry I didn't comment sooner; I couldn't get hold of a set of headphones!

    Very cool soundtrack; never heard of it before! It's really good, though! My favorite of the two is 'The Last Battle'. So neat! I will have to see if I can track this one down somewhere. :D

    ~Jamie Joyce

  2. Cool, cool cool. I has it in the Wish List :)


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