Monday, July 25, 2011

I've Had an Exciting Few Days

After escaping the rainy weather earlier this week, we returned home and had some pretty nice weather!

On Thursday, my dad and I went boating out on the river near our house. I used my kayak and my dad tried out his new solo canoe. We saw a blue heron. It kept flying ahead and landing, flying and landing, and we followed it about half a mile up the river.

On Friday, I went on a wonderful bike ride with a friend. There was a book sale at the public library that we stopped at. Then we crossed the street and visited the farmers market and an annual art event called Art Splash. Art Splash is where local artists get to show off their work and hopefully sell something. Later, around 8:30 or so I rode my bike alone down to the park. The light was perfect and I took some great pictures.

On Saturday, we experienced what I believe was the first day this summer, maybe even this year, where there was literally not a single cloud in the sky. I rode my bike to the park and was there by about 9:30. There was nobody there yet so it was wonderfully quiet. I sat by the river and read for about an hour, two ducks keeping me company.

When I got back it had warmed up quite a bit so 2 of my neighbors and I decided to get in my inflatable pool.

Yeah. That was interesting.

Then another friend called and invited my parents and me over for dinner. It was quite tasty. My parents and her parents have so many similarities, they're practically twins!

On Sunday morning, I got up at 6, just in time for the sunrise. It was spectacular!

Once we were all awake, we went into town. It was just the right temperature.

To finish off the day, I rode my bike to the park again and captured the sunset. Those pictures are still on my camera, but it looked just like the sunrise, with the rays, and the clouds, and the color...

Around 4 this morning, I was awake and I thought I saw a flash of lightning, but I always think that so I tried to go back to sleep. Then I saw another. It was definitely lightning.

Back-story: About a week ago I prayed for a good thunder and lightning storm since it's been a pretty long time singe I've seen one. He obviously answered my prayer.

So I kept watching and eventually I heard thunder, waaaay off in the distance. And after a few soft flashes and rumbles, I noticed it growing louder, brighter, and closer together, but still a good way off.

And I prayed silently, Alright Lord, I asked for a good storm. Can you give me just one good flash before I go back to sleep?

Not 2 seconds after that I see the brightest flash I have ever seen, followed closely by the loudest thunder I have ever heard, followed by the most startled parents I have ever heard. It even shook me up a bit. Okay, a lot.

Okay Lord, thanks, but I think that's enough... Can I just go back to sleep now?

And the storm passed over without any more super bright flashes or super loud rolls of thunder, and I fell asleep to the sound of distant thunder and falling rain.


  1. Sounds like the PERFECT couple of days... so awesome! (And the thunder story was cool too... haha. I love it when stuff like that happens!)
    Cool pics! Thanks for posting!

  2. Would you believe we had a thunder storm last night, too?!?!? It was so cool seeing lighting through our window--something I haven't experience in years! And it was awesome waking up in the morning and finding the ground wet outside! We got some rain! Hurrah!

    And hurray you all got some good weather! I wish we could have clear weather without all the heat. ;P

    ~Jamie Joyce

  3. Heehee, you must have sent us that thunderstorm WE had yesterday ;) That was a SWEET post, girlie :D

    (Makes me think of the time in Hawaii when I asked the Lord for a little gust of wind and then WHOOOOSH there was this massive wind and I could totally see the trees leaning to the side *grin*)

    Anyway, I wish I could give you a big hug right now. Love you girlfriend <3


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