Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pictures and Major Happenings From the Choir Festival

I apologize ahead of time for the picture-heaviness of this post, but I figured you'd prefer to see pictures, rather than have me go into lengthy descriptions. 
Choir festival 2011:

I was very excited since my choir hadn't gone on a trip since 2007. We'd tried to go to some, but there were never enough people. However, with only 8 singers this year, we still went. Singing in such a small group was a great experience. It brought us closer together and gave us confidence.

I'm not really sure why we flew since it was less than an hour long flight, but I was excited to get some good shots from the plane.

And besides, you don't get pretzels and soda on a bus, do you?

This is where we stayed.

Lovely, isn't it?

This was one of my favorite songs that we sang. And not just because it was catchy. Take a closer look:

This had us laughing pretty hard!

On the second day, we got to walk into town. They allowed us to wander around before our flash mob. We pretty much had free reign as long as we were with a partner.

This is the view from the path leading into town.

I went with a few of my friends to try on accessories. That was amusing.

And then we got food. (My friend, featured in the above photo, was completely oblivious to the cameras as she gazed lovingly at her ice cream)

The clock tower that plays obnoxious music very loudly and for an unreasonably long time.

 We stopped at a very tiny amusement park and since I'm not one for crazy rides, I was the official photographer.

Then we rushed to the location of our flash mob (sorry, no pictures of the actual mob, and my video didn't turn out so great).

After the mob, we were escorted to...

A giant red wagon!

Yes, the handle is a slide.
We took group pictures on the wagon.

And then we made a pyramid.

On the way back to the place we were staying at we stopped to feed these little guys:

That there is a marmot. They like to eat cheerios.

But even more, they like to eat cheerios from our hands!

Other than feeding the marmots, I was also amused by 2 of my friends in particular.

Yeah. You get the point.

Giant rubber bands. They were meant to help us with vowels, phrasing, dynamics, etc. But they also made a great weapon!

My director set aside 10 minutes for me to talk to Dr. Brunner the composer, about, well, composing! I'm actually working on a separate post laying out what I learned. No photos though :(

On our last full day, we had a concert at a theater in town. 

Someone doesn't know how to spell. See the mistake?
 We were laughing pretty hard about that. It's choral, people! Choral!

After the concert, we had a catered dinner which turned into a full-blown dance party, thanks to these two again:

(Love this shot!)

Yeah cameraman! (He had a super cool camera contraption)

Sometimes I wonder...

But I haven't even shown you all the best part yet!!!

The best part: The wardrobes!

My roommate and I kept expecting to open it up and find Flynn Rider inside, knocked out cold by a frying pan while the girls in the room next to us were in search of Narnia.

We went to Starbucks on our last morning, then flew home. It was fantastically clear and sunny.

Phew! Sorry, that turned out a bit longer than I had anticipated. If you read looked at the whole thing, then you deserve a prize. Unfortunately, I don't have one for you. Except that you're finally done with it. Isn't that rewarding enough?


  1. Great post! I love that wagon; I hadn't even noticed it was a slide! And the building is grand!! I would have been a complete goofball at that dance (I've never been to a dance before; not even a ball or anything so it would have been a blast!) I think it's so awesome you got to talk to a real composer too!!!

    Here's a secret: I would rather find Flynn in a wardrobe than Narnia. Truth!! :P


    ~Jamie Joyce

  2. Finally got a chance to read the whole thing. So cool! Looks like you had fun!
    (And btw: my younger brother and I have those giant rubber bands, and we're always using them against each other. They really do make great weapons! Haha...)


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